Application for the 2018 WAGS Tournament

If you wish to participate in the WAGS Memorial Tournament (October 6-8, 2018), please complete and submit the online application and team information forms. The Application Form and Team Information Form MUST be submitted online.  Applications sent via US Mail, Email or FAX will NOT be accepted.  Please follow the instructions carefully.  Any questions can be directed to the WAGS Tournament Office. 


Tournament Application


Application Deadline:
August 5, 2018 (See NOTE below):
U09 - 2010 (7v7): $800
U10 - 2009 (7v7): $800
U11 - 2008 (9v9): $975
U12 - 2007 (9v9): $975
U13 - 2006 (11v11): $1125
U14 - 2005 (11v11): $1125*
U15 - 2004 (11v11): $1125*
U16 - 2003 (11v11): $1195*
U17 - 2002 (11v11): $1195*
U18 - 2001 (11v11): $1195*
U19 - 2000 (11v11): $1195*

*U14-U19 a separate performance bond of $700 is required. The bond check is separate from the application fee and will be cashed only if the team does not comply with tournament rules, withdraws after being accepted, forfeits any games, or experiences extreme disciplinary issues. If none of these situations occur, the bond check will be destroyed at the end of the tournament weekend. 
All application fees include full cancellation insurance 
Payment Option 1 - Credit Card
This option is available ONLY through the website. VISA/MC/AmEx/Discover cards accepted. Payments sent either US Mail, E-mail or FAX will NOT be accepted. All credit card payments will be subjected to a 3.25% processing fee. 
Payment Option 2 - Check/MO
Payment Option 3 - ACH-Checking
A check for the appropriate application fee MUST BE IN THE HANDS OF THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR BY August 5, 2018For ANY declined checks an automatic $36.00 will be acessed to the transaction.Checks (made payable to WAGS) can be mailed to:
WAGS Tournament
9160 Rumsey Rd
Suite B3
Columbia, MD 21045. 
FAX or Email copies of check will NOT be accepted.
There is a 1% processing fee on transactions. For ANY declined e-checks an automatic $36.00 will be acessed to the transaction. 


Applications and/or application fees received after August 5, 2018 will automatically place teams AT THE BOTTOM of the waiting list and will be subject to a $100 late fee if accepted. 

 Official notification of acceptance and non-acceptance will be posted on the WAGS Tournament website at a TBD date.  Those teams not accepted will have their entry fee returned. Should a non-accepted team later be granted entry into the tournament, the team will be required to resubmit the tournament entry fee. The LAST day to withdraw from the WAGS Tournament and receive a refund is August 5, 2018