WAGS Scholarship

The WAGS Foundation is awarding four $10,000 college scholarships to empower and support the exceptional female soccer athlete to play at the collegiate level. Applicants must be rostered and playing on a team accepted and playing in the WAGS Rael Vodicka Annual Soccer Tournament held annually in October.

Applicants must be 17-19 years of age; have a minimum 3.7 GPA; and must be committed or planning to play in college. Applicants do not need to be a U.S. citizen.

WAGS will award four scholarships to players who meet the above criteria as well as excelling in a broad variety of extracurricular activities and who demonstrate active participation in community service. WAGS is looking for individuals who embrace the qualities and characteristics necessary to play on an elite soccer team and who apply these qualities to her daily life.

Applications will be available the weekend of the WAGS Rael Vodicka Tournament. Deadline for submitting applications is January 1st. Scholarships will be awarded in May.

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