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Cinesports Videography

CineSports is powered by two former professional soccer players. They will be providing high quality, elevated game filming for the 2017 WAGS Rael Vodicka Memorial!

Only pre-ordered games will be filmed! Limited space available! 

Click HERE to order your game film or highlight reel today!

*filming locations specified on CineSports website

  • Soccer specific trained videographers and editors
  • Game film and highlight reels that are specialized for college recruiting
  • All ordered games are provided to our list of over 175 college soccer coaches

Don't miss an amazing play! All the goals and top plays to keep forever


Filming Packages: 

·  Only pre-ordered games will be filmed

·  Receive a digital copy of your full game(s)

·  Game link will be emailed 1-2 days after the event

·  MP4 HD files

·  Games can be viewed online or downloaded

·  All college coaches can have access to purchased footage

·  See website for individual and team pricing


Highlight Reel Packages:

·  Professional and former collegiate soccer players on staff to create your reel

·  Receive a YouTube link for easy sharing

·  Receive a downloadable link

·  2-3 week turn-around for your highlight reel

·  Save $$ by ordering before the event

·  See website for individual and team pricing

In just 2 years, CineSports has helped over 75,000 athletes get the exposure they need. Join the rest of them today, by ordering your game film and highlight reel!


Click the link below to reserve your games:

If you are interested, but unsure about purchasing, please email or visit