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Next up, we have Danielle Geathers. Danielle played club soccer for ASWPU West Pines United FC and is currently finishing up her Freshman year at M.I.T.  You can learn a little bit more about Danielle and her journey below.

  1. How did the WAGS scholarship empower you?

    The WAGS scholarship empowered me by allowing me to attend my dream school without fear of the financial burden which normally accompanies attending higher level institutions.

  2. What are your favorite things about college?  

    My favorite thing about college is the people who I have met. Since MIT serves as a hub for intellectual curiosity, I am constantly surrounded by people passionate to change the world.

  3. Who is your favorite female athlete and why? 

    My favorite athlete is Serena Williams because of the strength she shows, not only on the court, but in the public sphere as a role model for people everywhere.

    Favorite WAGS tournament memories:

    Getting to bond as a team and touring the DC area between games.