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Next up, we have Keelin Ferris. Keelin played club soccer for FC Girondins de Boudreaux and is currently finishing up her Freshman year at American University.  You can learn a little bit more about Keelin and her journey below.

  1. How did the WAGS scholarship empower you?

The WAGS scholarship empowered me to take advantage of and appreciate the opportunity to play and compete at a Division 1 program. It empowered me to realize how hard I worked to get to the point I am at today, and why I should continue to work just as hard and keep driving toward success. I am very appreciative of the WAGS organization and the opportunity they have gifted me with this scholarship.

  1. What do you enjoy most about college

I love the location of American University. As a political science and cybersecurity double major, being in Washington DC grants me opportunities that are not accessible at most other schools around the country. I also have formed friendships with my teammates that I will cherish and continue to keep throughout my lifetime.

  1. Who is your favorite female athlete and why? 

My favorite female athlete is Ada Hergerberg of Norway. At just 23 years old, she has been awarded the first Women’s Ballon d’Or. She is one of the greatest female soccer players of all time at such a young age, using her platform to raise awareness and respect for women’s soccer in Norway. Ada quit her national team and will not be playing in the 2019 World Cup in protest of how Norway’s federation treats women’s soccer players and not supporting the program. She is using her platform to push for more soccer fields to be made and promoting girls to play soccer in Norway. Her and her story are inspirational and empowering for female athletes and soccer players across the world. Women deserve the right to be treated equal to men in all aspects in soccer throughout the world.