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The WAGS Tournament provides many opportunities for players to guest play at the WAGS Tournament. Please click on the link below to register as a Guest Player:

In order to register as a guest player for the WAGS Tournament you will have to create an individual player profile in GotSport. If you follow these steps then you will be entered into the guest player pool in your age group.

Teams that have been accepted will be able to view your profile and contact you if they are interested.

Step #1

  • Go to and click on ‘Player Account’
  • On the right side of the screen you will see ‘New Players- Not registered yet? No problem! Click below:’
  • Click the tab to register

Step #2

  • Fill out the basic information in the fields provided and press save
  • Once you save the basic information your ‘Player Account’ has been created. Now you can fill out the rest of your information including:
    • Your picture, parent’s information and college recruiting information.
    • Please fill out as much information as possible

Step #3

  • Once your Player Profile is complete with up-to-date, accurate information you will have to apply as a guest player for the WAGS Tournament.
  • To do this you:
    • Click on the ‘Tournaments’ tab on the top of the webpage in the green tool bar
    • Search by ‘Tournament Name’
    • Enter WAGS Tournament
    • You will see the WAGS Tournament, click on the tab that says ‘Apply as Guest Player’
    • After you click the tab that says ‘Apply as Guest Player’ you will see the WAGS Tournament event information. On the right hand on the screen your will click the tab that says ‘Submit Application’
    • Now your Guest Player Application has been submitted


If you follow these steps then you will be successfully entered into the guest player pool for the WAGS Tournament and teams/coaches will be able to contact you directly if they need guest players.

Other than offering this sign-up the WAGS Tournament does not unfortunately aid in the placement of guest players.

Please Note: Submission of your information does not guarantee that you will be placed on a team.  Decisions to use players from the player pool is at the discretion of the individual teams.  Tournament staff are unable to answer any questions related to the use of Guest Players from the Player Pool.


Coaches, are you in need of a guest player? The WAGS Tournament has a list of available guest players at your fingertips. You can access the list of available players from your GotSport Team Page. Just click on WAGS Tournament (from the accepted tournament list) and then click on the Guest Tab.