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Sheyenne is one of our 2019 WAGS Tournament Scholarship recipients! She played for Delaware FC and currently attends and plays at Brown University.


How did the WAGS Adele Dolansky Scholarship empower you?

The WAGS scholarship empowered me by allowing me to recognize that all of my hard- work was paying off. My work ethic, not only on the field but in school and in my life, granted me the ability to be awarded scholarships that recognize me for all that I do.

Being awarded this scholarship showed me that my diligent attitude in life can get me far and it isn’t going unnoticed. This empowered me to move forward and stay driven with everything I do!

What was your favorite part of your freshman year?

My favorite part about my freshmen year was becoming close with my teammates. When first arriving to Brown and meeting my new teammates, we all immediately hit it off and became the best of friends. Our chemistry was so great and beneficial in so many ways. From the soccer field to the classrooms, I depended on each of my

teammates. The support system that we formed together was absolutely immaculate. Without them, some of my best memories from this year wouldn’t even exist.

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