NextPro Videography - WAGS Rael Vodicka Tournament
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NextPro Videography

Women and Girls in Soccer (WAGS) was thrilled to be host your showcase team (U16-U19) at the 2020 WAGS Rael Vodicka Memorial Tournament! Due to the nature of your age group and the inability for some college coaches to travel, WAGS would like to present your team with a special gift. Our tournament has purchased game film services so that each and every one of our recruitable players will have *at least one* game’s worth of footage from this year’s event to send to college coaches. We will be working with the videography company – NextPro to organize the schedule and onsite logistics for the tournament. The video crews will float between fields at FFC Park and VSTC throughout the weekend, attempting to work on one side of the park Saturday and then the other side on Sunday. If your schedule does not align with this plan, we have ensured that a crew will be sent specifically to your location to film your game either on Sunday or Monday. This was the best possible way for our videographers to capture the event, so unfortunately we aren’t able to take requests. This also means that certain teams may get bonus game footage based off of their schedule and game location.


Team managers (associated with your showcase teams account in GotSoccer) will receive an email directly from NextPro that gives details on how to access your account online, as well as how to invite and share the footage with players and families. NextPro has made the process very easy by setting up each team with their own account associated with the event.


To help you get the most out of your film from the event, we have compiled a list of “tips & how to’s” summarized below for accessing & using your videos. For any questions, you can reach NextPro’s customer service by emailing

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I register and access my game film?

WAGS has provided NextPro with a list of team managers who each will be setup on NextPro with an account (if they already don’t have one) and access to their team/s’ games from this event. Team managers can then invite each athlete and their family members by copying and pasting email addresses for each event’s game film.


Account and access creation for all team admin will be completed by EOD TBD at which time you team manager can invite their athletes and families.


  1. How to login:

On TBD, you can login into your account by following these simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Your login: your email
    • The email associated with your showcase team account in GotSoccer
  • Your temp password: gamefilm (all lower case)
    • If you do not already have an account with us.
    • If you already have an account, please continue to use your existing login
    • Your temporary password can be changed at any time by visiting your account’s Settings


  1. How do I share film access with my team and families?

Team managers can then invite each athlete and their family members by visiting the Team Invite section of their account, and copying and pasting email addresses of their team rosters & parents (if needed). Each added athlete or parent will then receive an invitation email to create an account and access their game videos.


  1. Can I create clips from my games?

Yes, you can create unlimited number of short clips from any of your games. Why not have some fun with it and show off your best to friends and family? You can also include any of their clips on your Recruiting Profile and share them with college coaches.


We’ve put together a short video to demonstrate the clipping tool:


  1. Can NextPro help me create a recruiting highlight reel?

Yes, we can. Considered the #1 recruiting tool, an effective and quality highlight reel can go a long way to ensure you’re in front of college coaches especially with the current restrictions on in-person evaluations, reduced recruiting budgets, and travel restrictions.


NextPro offers two highlight reel packages, and can be purchased directly from:


  1. Can athletes share their highlight reels and clips with college coaches on NextPro? What if a college coach asks them for their full game?

The short answer is Yes to all of them. Every athlete receives a free recruiting profile on NextPro where it is every easy to share their highlight reels, clips and yes, even full games with college coaches directly!