VEO Videography U16 I & II - WAGS Rael Vodicka Tournament
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VEO Videography U16 I & II


Veo has teamed up with the WAGS Rael Vodicka Memorial Tournament to provide an easy way to capture game footage at the event. This relationship will not only help enhance the overall experience for teams attending the event, but also allow players the opportunity to download games and access the footage for recruitment purposes.

All footage for the age groups listed below will be provided COMPLIMENTARY to Teams, Coaches, Parents, Spectators, etc. To gain access to all the games played at VSTC (Virginia Soccer Training Center) and FFC Park please use the following link to enter your information:

U16 Showcase Flights I & II- Sat. and Sun. ONLY

U17 Showcase Flights

U18 Showcase Flights

U19 Showcase Flights

Beyond Pulse is offering a limited number of FREE on-field demo experiences for U16 (I & II) and U17 – U19 teams competing in the WAGS Rael Vodicka Memorial Tournament.

 Select teams will be shipped Smart Belts to wear before, during, and after the event and have access to insightful training and game data immediately after you play.

Your team will have their own personal Beyond Pulse Coach to remotely guide them through the experience! Simply click HERE to register.

If you have further questions please reach out to Beyond Pulse directly at

Veo is a portable automatic sports camera that films games and practices without the need for a camera operator. No need to carry around bulky equipment or film from your phone. Simply turn the camera on, connect to your smart device, hit record, then sit back and enjoy the game!

WAGS and Veo understand the importance of video, not only for future collegiate athletes but for lifelong memories to look back on. For more information on how to purchase your Veo at a discounted rate, please visit our Veo booth onsite which will be located at VTSC near the Headquarters area.