Referees - WAGS Rael Vodicka Tournament
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Interested in refereeing at the WAGS Tournament?

If interested in being a referee for this event, please contact our referee assignors Sharon Deplitch at and Jack Hitchens at


We welcome all out of town referees. If you are scheduled to be a referee at this event, take a look at the rules and check the schedule online frequently for any changes.

Referee Mentor Program Returns

The WAGS Tournament is proud to host the Referee Mentor Program at this year’s event! Referee Mentors will be in attendance to oversee the referees throughout the weekend. They will provide feedback to the referees during halftime and at the end of their scheduled matches.

The ref mentor program at the WAGS Tournament adds a unique aspect to our goal of improving the quantity and quality of female referees. The female referees in attendance will be able to relate to the female athletes on a distinct and knowledgeable level. We are proud to support the Referee Mentor Program and their mission of helping all referees grow and improve.

Take a look at our team of referee mentors for the 2022 WAGS Tournament!